What is the Difference Between a Speeding and Reckless Driving Ticket

As you all know that reckless driving cases are considered a serious crime and are punished with harsh and tough charges imposed on you by the court. But it is to be noted that there is a significant difference between the violations of speeding and reckless driving. They both are different things and have different charges and penalties imposed upon you.

The main difference between the speeding fine and reckless driving case is that in case of speeding it is just considered as another normal minor traffic violation and has a small fine which can increase up to maximum of 250 dollars. But in the case of reckless driving the situation is totally different. It is considered as a class one crime which is dealt with serious harsh charges as it is taken as very offensive act to the law of Virginia. The fine is much higher as compared to the speeding violation. Then reckless driving in considered as a crime but the speeding is not taken as a crime but just a minor traffic violation. Asa far as the demerit points are considered for reckless driving you can receive up to 6 demerit points but in case of speeding you can get maximum of 3. When you get a traffic ticket then to identity if it’s a speeding or reckless driving ticket then look in the law section for reckless driving written if RD is written then it means you are accused of the crime and not of speeding, and then go look to see how you are going to pay for the fine. If there is a cross marked in that section then it means you have to appear in the court.

After getting guidance and help form the attorney, your actions will be defended by your lawyer and he will try his best to reduce the charges as much as possible or if you are lucky enough then the charges imposed upon you will be dropped and you will be a free man again. Then will be a bit long process consisting of a series of trials in which solid evidence will be required from the police officer to prove you guilty of over speeding. If the officer is not able to show solid proof to the court and is unable to convince the judge to punish you then you won’t be charged and will be set free. If your defense is not strong enough and you don’t think the charges can be dropped then the best you can do is to reduce the intensity of the charges and minimize its impact and duration. If the judge is lenient and the intensity of you crime is not ery severe then the charges may get dropped to that of a minor traffic ticket.