How Much Over the Speed Limit is Reckless Driving in Virginia

If you are driving in Virginia so it recommended that you are well aware of the laws of traffic. Pay attention to the sign boards on the road while driving because unlike in the case of other states it is not treated like an ordinary traffic violation, but it is similar to an act of crime and comes with heavy fine and charges on you. It is a class one crime, meaning that it is very serious. It’s recommended that you that that matter seriously and dealt are as soon as possible as delaying the matter can lead to worse charges being imposed upon you. Even the local judges in Virginia and very aggressive towards the cases of reckless driving and impose heavy charges on the guilty individual.

According to the law of Virginia if you are driving at a speed of over 20 miles per hour over the speed limit of the region then it will be considered as a reckless driving and if the officer catches you then better contact a defense attorney to reduce your charges and defend your acts in court. For example if the speed limit is a region is set to be 50 miles per hour and you are caught driving at 80 miles per hour then you will get a ticket for over speeding ang reckless driving. In case of getting caught try to find a lawyer with good experience and excellent reviews so that he can reduce your charges as much as possible or even to that of minor traffic violation.

Recently any many regions of Virginia the speed limit has been changes to 70 miles per hour and it is now very likely that if you are driving above ten miles per hour the speed limit then you will be charged with violation of reckless driving.

In Virginia reckless driving charge is not to be taken lightly as it is considered as a very serious crime and such cases get reported to the court immediately so the best option is to contact a defense lawyer as soon as possible without any delay because in doing so may cause any further charges being imposed on you as not appearing in the court is considered as a crime itself and can result in a fine of further 2500 dollars.

As a result of getting a reckless driving ticket you have to face some charges such as first of all you will have to pay a fine of 2500 dollars plus there are court fees you are supposed to pay. Then depending upon the severity of the crime you are to spend a sentence in active prison for up to maximum of 1 year. Then another one of the major problems are that your license gets suspended for a certain amount of time and in the time being you are not allowed to drive any vehicle. If the judge allows you to drive in the meantime of suspension of your license then it is to just fulfill the basic need of daily live such as going to work or buying grocery. Then you also have to pay for increased amount of premium insurances and lastly your name gets recorded into the criminal list permanently. The severity of over speeding and the violation and cause the increment of your charges.