Annulment vs. Divorce in Virginia

At last, annulments and separations create a similar outcome – they legitimately end your marriage. In any case, an annulment treats the marriage much uniquely in contrast to a divorce, and there are controlled circumstances in which you can get one in Virginia.


An annulled varies from divorce in that it regards your marriage as if it never existed. A court will give an annulled if it finds your marriage was invalid from the earliest starting point (ab initio), or voidable because of some later-found fact(s).

To procure an annulled, you should set up a legitimately saw preface, and you ought to bring your action inside two (2) years from the date of your marriage. In Virginia, there are some genuine reasons why your marriage can or should be annulled:

Incompetence: Your marriage can be annulled if the court finds that at the time you were hitched, you or your life partner were not rationally ready to comprehend the marriage, or the way that you were getting married and the results of doing as such.

Bigamy: If you or your life partner were at that point wedded to another person at the season of your marriage, your marriage is lawfully invalid, and should be canceled. This kind of marriage is viewed as void ab initio.

Incest: If you and your partner are blood relatives (nearer than first cousins), your marriage is invalid and ought to be annulled.

Impotence: If you or your partner isn’t capable of taking part in sexual relations your marriage might be viewed as invalid. In any case, if you think about your life partner’s impotence and keep on living with him or her for a timeframe after the discovery, you will be not able to cancel your marriage thus.

Fraud: If you just consented to wed your partner because of his or her deception or lie(s) around a critical issue or condition, at that point a court will annul your marriage. In any case, the fraud must be sufficiently extreme that a marriage would have never occurred without it, and you can’t have proceeded to cohabitate with your partner after you find their fraud(s). Lies about age, wellbeing, riches, and earlier relational unions won’t be viewed as sufficiently awful to abrogate your marriage. Then again, lying about your religious convictions or having a venereal disease will be considered adequate.

Minors/Underage: If you or your partner had not achieved the age of consent at the season of marriage, the marriage could be annulled with specific exemptions. In spite of the fact that the lawful age to wed in Virginia is 18, you may get married at 16 if your parent(s) or guardian(s) consent to the request. Thus, you may get married younger than 16 if you are pregnant and get the consent of a parent or guardian. If any of the above individual cases are met at the time you are married, a court won’t cancel your marriage.

Prostitute or Felon: If your companion did not advise you that he or she was an active prostitute or sentenced criminal before your marriage, your marriage could be invalidated.

If you just wedded your partner because of power or fear of actual, substantial damage, at that point a court will consider your marriage invalid. Be that as it may, you probably been pressured or undermined at the season of your marriage for coercion to apply, not at some point previously.

Sham Marriage: If you or your partner just got married because of aims other than the ordinary motivations behind marriage, for example, to acquire a green card/citizenship—your marriage can be annulled. This sort of annulment is viewed as one in light of misrepresentation if you were ignorant of your life partner’s future intentions in a marriage with you.

Children With Another: Your marriage can be annulled if your significant other was pregnant with another man’s infant at the season of marriage, or if your partner has a kid with another woman inside ten months of the marriage.

Unlike separation, the legal impact of an annulment is that you and your life partner were never married. Be that as it may, this does not mean you won’t get resources or property division after getting an annulment. If your marriage is voidable, because of pressure or distortions made by your life partner (fraud), you may at present be qualified for an offer of conjugal property. Besides, a court can arrange you or your life partner to pay child support and decide issues of child custody and appearance if you and your partner have kids together. Despite the fact that your marriage is regarded invalid, any children conceived amid the marriage are viewed as legitimate and can acquire from both you and your life partner.

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